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The Pro Solar is a reliable and versatile automatic chicken coop door opener that provides three power options, including solar, and offers four different methods for opening and closing your coop door.

– 3 Power Options – Solar / Batteries / Mains
– Easy setup – Plug and play technology
– 4 Open/Close Options – Light Sensor/Timer/Manual/DualSafe
– Powerful Motor – Will lift doors up to 2kg
– Compatible – Works with most existing coop setups

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Solar-powered peace of mind for your coop

Three Power Choices,One Secure Coop

Power Your Coop Door Your Way:


Solar Panel kit & 4 Nimh rechargeable batteries

Mains Power

Compatible with 9v 1 amp DC Power


Use 4 AA Alkaline batteries

Clever features for happy, safe chickens

Some of our customers favourite features

Winter Protection

Unique Features

Coop Adaptable

Discover the Solar Power Pack

Our Premium & Extreme UnitsCOMBINED

Packed with all the features that made our previous ‘Premium’ & ‘Extreme’ ranges so popular but now in one place



Works in the most extreme conditions (down to -20°/-4°f)


Setup Wizard

The first time setup wizard will have your ChickenGuard ready to go in no time


Light Sensor

Detects daylight to open your coop at dawn and close it at dusk


Dual Safety

allows you set an open and close time OR at daybreak and dusk (whichever is first)

Every ChickenGuard Automatic Coop Door Opener comes with a 3 year warranty as standard with our support team on hand for any niggles or questions you may have. 

Convenience and security for you & your flock

Keeping  Chickens is not simple, especially with predators ready are to pounce. We believe our ChickenGuard’s not only improve the safety of your girls but also make your life that little bit easier!

Predators be gone

Mr Fox will have to go elsewhere as your coop door will be kept firmly shut overnight!

More snoozes - less stress

Set the timer or use light sensor to auto open and shut - meaning more sleep for you.

Reliable against elements

One of the most reliable chicken coop door openers on the market

Size Matters!

Size Matters!

Compare Our Range...

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3 Year Warranty
Programmable Timer
4 Open/Close Options
Light Sensor / DualSafe
Lifts 2KG / 4lbs
Self Locking Door
Auto Stop
Winter Mode

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