Self Locking Door Kit



Our unique self-locking door has been designed to prevent predators from raising the coop door & accessing your flock.

Prevents predator break-ins

So, why choose this self locking door kit to protect your girls?


Self-locking wings

The unique self-locking wings have been designed to prevent predators from raising the coop door



Tough and durable door protects against the elements


Predator Deterrent

An added layer of security which prevents pesky predators clawing their way in



With all ChickenGuard units or similar devices (except AIO)

Every ChickenGuard Automatic Coop Door Opener comes with a 3 year warranty as standard with our support team on hand for any niggles or questions you may have. 

Easy Setup 1-2-3

Insert Batteries
Screw To Coop
Auto-Calibrate Door
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Predators be gone

Mr Fox will have to go elsewhere as your coop door will be kept firmly shut overnight!

More snoozes - less stress

Set the timer or use light sensor to auto open and shut - meaning more sleep for you.

Reliable against elements

One of the most reliable chicken coop door openers on the market


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